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General Secretary and Sports Directors Meeting January 2017


Today, the General Secretaries and Sport Directors of the NSF nations met and had their annual workmeeting. The event was originally organized by the Faroese Swimming Federation this year but due to unfavorable weather in Faroe Islands it was held in Quality Dan Airport Hotel in Copenhagen instead. 

The meeting went well, a lot of work was done in short time. 

This NSF General Secretary and Sport Directors meeting is planned every year in January. The assemblies are, among other things, used to do work on pressing matters regarding the competition in which the countries participate in and organize every year, get updates from each other's work and prepare the agenda for the Board Meeting and Congress of NSF, typically held in May each year.

Those who attended today were:

Emil Örn Harðarson - Iceland
Jacky Pellerin - Iceland
Pille Tali - Estonia
Ulrika Sandmark - Sweden
Kenneth Magnusson - Sweden
Mikael Jansson - Sweden
Beda Leirvaag - Norway
Bjørn Soleng - Norway
Eerika Laalo-Haiko - Finland
Tomas Pakstys - Lithuania
Paulius Andrijauskas - Lithuania
Aivar Platonovs - Latvia
Lars Green Bach - Denmark
Thomas Stub - Denmark
Pia Holmen - Denmark


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