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Reykjavík International Games 2016

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Dagskrá RIG 2016 / RIG 2016 Overall Schedule

Dear friends
Above this text can you find the Entry list as of Wednesday 20th at 21:00. If you find any mistakes in the list or would like to have a word about the entries I urge you to contact me (Emil) via email: or via phone: +354 659 1300.

Technical meeting has been scheduled at 16:00 on Friday 22. January in Pálsstofa (2. floor in Laugardalslaug)

Start of sessions:
Friday heats/finals: 17:00. Warm-up at 15:45
Saturday heats: 9:15. Warm-up at 8:00 
Saturday finals: 16:15. Warm-up at 15:00
Sunday heats: 9:15. Warm-up at 8:00
Sunday finals: 15:00. Warm-up at 14:00 (fitted for Live TV schedule on RÚV)
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Party on Sunday (RIG festival):
Here can you read all about the RIG festival on Sunday, January 18th.